Telecom Services

Telephone Systems

VOIP (hosted and/or client owned), Traditional or Hybrid – what’s the right platform for your business? The one that helps you communicate seamlessly with your clients, associates and partners, integrates with your current systems and fits into your budget. IT2 Resource can design, install and maintain a system that is easy to use and will enhance your internal and external communications while ensuring you’re not buying a system that you’ll out grow in a short time or that you’ll never use the full capacity of.

Access Services

Dial tone, Internet, VOIP, Wireless and Wide Area Network Services

Just like any other business critical element in your organization, communication access services (how you connect to the world) require careful selection and ongoing management. In order to accomplish this effectively, your organization needs to have knowledge of several key areas. This includes telephony, cellular, and all aspects related to information technology (IT).

With endless choices of carriers and competing technologies, how can you be sure you are getting the best value for your dollar? IT2 has made it our business to simplify all this for our clients. We have more than 30 years business telecom experience and as a broker, have partnered with only the best providers in our service area. We have selected our partners based on technology, financial stability and customer service. Here’s how we look at it – if a carrier makes it difficult for us (telecom experts) to get things fixed for our clients – how difficult would it be for our clients to get things done? We choose to work with carriers that are customer focused in technology, customer service and pricing.

If you are trying to decide which wireless plan is best or if VOIP, PRI, T-1, MPLS, Ethernet, Cable, DSL or Satellite is right for your business – don’t worry. You’re not alone, we’re here to help.

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Video Conferencing

HD Quality Video That Doesn’t Break the Bank! If you are a multi-site organization that needs to reduce travel expense and keep corporate communication flowing effortlessly you are in the right place – IT2 is a registered partner with the most advanced, affordable video conference provider today!

LifeSize High Definition Video Communications Suite

LifeSize believes in the power of video communications to help people do more while traveling less. The company designs and delivers high definition video communications products that provide a productive, true-to-life experience.

Life with high definition video is easy to imagine. Simply think of how natural face-to-face conversation feels. You see facial expressions. Body language and gestures provide immediate feedback to new ideas. No new etiquette is needed.

In fact, when it comes to how to use video, you already know everything you need to know!

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Studies have shown that the amount of electronic data companies’ process nearly doubles, on average, every year and that up to 70 percent of network downtime can be associated with cabling or infrastructure failures. In today’s converging environment of voice, video and data, network reliability and performance can be directly linked to productivity, morale and ultimately, profits. IT2 Resource can put your mind at ease and simplify your life by consolidating the design and installation services for CAT5e, CAT6, wireless access points and fiber. In addition, we will help you evaluate and procure the necessary network hardware (switches and routers) that you need for the next level of data processing and services.