Technology Assessment

IT2 takes a three-tiered approach to working with our clients.


First, we need to find out what you are doing today, and what of that is supporting your business goals, and what might be keeping you from achieving those goals. So our Assessment phase consists of a 30-45 minute interview with key management and/or business owners to understand your business objectives – short and long term.

From there we begin the physical assessment of your current network and services. We take a complete inventory of your network that includes the physical hardware, software and network architecture. This process usually takes about 2 hours for a 10 PC / 1 server network.


What we do here is compile the information we gathered from the Assessment and start putting together the puzzle to form a complete picture. The end result is a report that documents your current network and bullets areas we see as vulnerabilities based upon your objectives.


This is where we give you solid recommendations on how to address those vulnerabilities and how to make sure you are utilizing the best technology and services to reach your goals. If you choose IT2 as your technology resource – the assessment fee is applied to your first purchase. At a minimum you will have a detailed report (in plain speak) showing current health of your network and best practice recommendations to make sure it is optimal for your unique needs.